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“What a Shame” by Kyro Jones (Dublin, Ireland)

“What a Shame” by Kyro Jones (Dublin, Ireland)

“What a Shame’ is an energetic kick of hard-hitting riffs and melodies which present a breath of fresh air to the rock genre. The song’s dynamical flow carries through with the overall message of the up’s and down’s of a creative. Incorporating dark undertones on the bass that corresponds with the beat of hammering drums, creating a soundscape built on adrenaline and fuel. The guitars, built upon a mechanism of relentless simplicity and finesse, incorporate a conflation of rawness and a delicate need for the foundation of any great rock song.

The Review

This is not a simple song of dark passions, and it is not even close to being a “shame” within the short but compelling career of Irish band Kyro Jones. The single “What a Shame” is an excellent cover letter, a synthesis of the identity of the band, an exquisite mix between grunge and punk that distinguish Kyro Jones with his own style within alternative rock.

“What a Shame” kicks off with substantial force from the beginning and yet it doesn’t say it all until the last second. The piece is marked by well-achieved dramatic twists in the chorus section, with contrasting rhythmic blocks and harmonic sequences that allow light some very forceful and energetic riffs on the guitars. An almost esoteric theme, nuanced by the versatility of Jhon Reilly, who delivers it with its own character and personality.

When everything seemed to be said comes the final passage, starring a powerful lyric played by guitars. It seems that the final melody tells the premonitory autobiography of Kyro Jones, of an almost fetishistic psychedelic, absolutely seductive. A simple poetry, but that does not pass unnoticed and a definitely memorable chorus, add to a sum of qualities that promise to make “What a Shame” one of the band’s greatest hits.

What people are talking about.

“Kyro Jones have worked tirelessly on the Dublin live circuit refining their songs and perfecting their unique brand of Alternative Rock.

Having just released their self produced debut singles “”What A Shame”” and “”Fly Away”” the five piece are going from strength to strength!

The five boys bring to the stage a whirlwind experience with their raw, untamed melodies, crushing drums, snarling basslines and precise hard-hitting guitar riffs.”

Alternative Rock, Punk-Rock, Post-Punk




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