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When It Goes Down by Dree Mon [Pop,Dance]

When It Goes Down by Dree Mon [Pop,Dance]

Dree Mon’s “When It Goes Down” is an upbeat, pop track with lyric originality that is sure to draw in a strong following. 

The rhythm of “When It Goes Down” is a highpoint of the track. The rhythm, particularly the beat itself, is engaging enough to bring the listeners along for the ride while remaining complex enough to maintain this engagement throughout the track. This consistency is impressive and definitely makes for a great tune. However, there is just one issue with the instrumentation and rhythm on this track. An overarching theme of this review is the overuse of digital effects. The creativity and the quality is there, but the digital effects being overlaid on the track borders overuse and at times you just want to strip that away so you can focus on the quality underneath. This is particularly true for both the rhythm and the vocals. 

Dree Mon’s vocals on “When It Goes Down” are conveyed in a distinctive way that is almost detrimental to the track. The base of the vocals is strong. It’s the digital effects plastered on top that takes away from the track some. Peel away the digital effects and it’s clear that Mon has a very bright voice and her optimism shines through, but the effects add a youthful tone that is not complimentary. It makes the vocals a higher pitch than they need to be to compliment the track. This problem can easily be corrected by Mon backing off the digital effects and instead relying more on her raw talent.

That being said, the best part of the track is the lyrics. With lyrics such as, “…one and done with all my critics, I ain’t got the juice to please, but its worth the squeeze,” the listener can’t help but get the song stuck in their head. It’s incredibly catchy and when you listen to it, you feel the confidence the track is trying to emit. 

Overall, the song has the basis of confidence, but the truth is that Dree Mon needs to channel that same confidence she incorporated in this track, into her talents. Peel away the digital effects and know that your talents are strong enough to stand on their own Dree Mon. This song has incredible potential, and this is a direct result of the hard work of a very talented artist. I expect to see more great things from Dree Mon in the near future. 

Dree Mon, a project and moniker from award-winning song-writer Dree Paterson, described as “the sardonic love child between David Bowie and Wonder Woman from the valley,” is a Los Angeles based, super funky pop artist who made her debut at the tail-end of 2017 with “Rebel Soul.” 

Dree Mon did not always dream of being an artist and songwriter. She began as a dancer backing up other artists. Her trajectory was forever altered when she was struck by a car, throwing her dancing career into jeopardy. After the accident, Paterson (as she was known then) began writing songs as a therapeutic outlet. The songs were initially personal, intended just for her. In the ensuing months, Dree built a new path for herself, utilizing her creativity and music as a guiding light, and began to share her songs with the world. The life-changing event opened Dree up to the world of creating music as an artist. 

“Waiting (When I See You)” – a memorable retro adult-contemporary anthem- was Dree’s first single. She followed that with her debut EP, “A Louder Side of Me”, which demonstrated her sophisticated songwriting and her ability to show attitude with a touch of quirkiness. 2017 then saw the release of new project “Dree Mon” and song “Rebel Soul”, a danceable funk tune calling for everyone to cut loose and have fun. “Rebel Soul” can be heard in Netflix film “High Strung: Free Dance.”


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