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YKWTD Video (Indie Pop) – Marco Nicolai

YKWTD Video (Indie Pop) – Marco Nicolai

This is a pop song that travels alongside the desire of living the best life possible, having fun and enjoying time with the right people. I come from more indie rock oriented songs but this time I felt I wanted to create something more danceable “stealing” some electronic element from the best pop hits around this days.

Every phase of my life so far was characterized by a different music genre. I really went through almost every genre and that gave me a wider point of view that led me to a vast territory where I try to find myself. I began playing piano and guitar around 10 and later I started writing my own music. Only this year I came out of darkness and tried to release something to the world. In my first releases I’ve gone from indie rock to pop but I’m sure this is not my last destination. I’ve got so many ideas and I’m very curious and hopeful about where they will take me.

Musician/BandSinger | Songwriter 🎸
Based in Italy, Rome 🇮🇹

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